I told you, I’m crap at potions. I’ve got one (“Wideye”) memorized and that helps, but still, sometimes getting the spoon to stir the right way or the flobberworm mucus in the other spells… well, it’s a pain. But I’m up late doing potions because that’s how we’re hoping to win the House Cup this term.

I’m so not competitive, but since everybody can see your points, you kind of have to do your best, you know? Especially in Ravenclaw. We’ve been in the lead since I got sorted and now we’re just a couple points behind Slytherin. I don’t go in for house hate or anything, but those snakes are ambitious! I guess that makes sense, though…. Anyway, the snakes and the eagles are up for another late night, sticking things into pots and hoping they don’t explode.

Which they do.

Seriously, I kind of wish I could count the number of cauldrons I’ve reduced to stinky, gas-emitting, spark-spewing lumps of molten metal. But I’m kind of glad I can’t because then mom and dad would be rethinking letting me come to Hogwarts.

So Asph and I spent some time doodling earlier about what happened when we were sorted.  She draws way cuter stuff. But then, she’s good at most things. I swear, if it weren’t for the fact that she sucks at magical creatures, I’d kind of wonder if she’s human….

Speaking of Asph, I’m not sure about that toad of hers. Nancy is strange. Like, I don’t ever remember seeing it move except to kinda breathe or whatever toads do, but I keep FINDING it places. Like today it was in my book bag, just staring at me. It’s got the weirdest eyes. Anyway, I put it on her bed and as far as I know, that’s where it’s staying.

I’ve got to get back to this potion. I think it’s starting to affect me. All those failed attempts are probably why I’m so wired. It’s like muggle caffeine, only it doesn’t taste good at all.

More later!





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